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The Team


The Bean
Office bone chewing champion 6 years in a row. Lives to sleep and greet.

Juniper has been a member of the 16kHz family since she was 9 weeks old. Known for her firm but fair management style, and shrewd negotiation skills, there's no way she doesn't get the whole cookie without even sitting.


Bruce Leighton

Audio Engineer
If it's too loud you're too old

Over 30 years experience as a mastering engineer. Bruce reviews all audio that comes through our door to make sure that your masters will translate correctly to vinyl.


Quinn La

File Output Specialist
Will ask you to send new artwork if it's not in our template.

Over 20 Years experience in artwork preflight and printing. If you have any questions about setting up your artwork or how something will appear in print, Quinn is your man.


Mark Calabro

Fueled by Cheez-its

With over 15 years experience in vinyl record manufacturing industry, Mark is your man if you have a question regarding production or set up.