7" picture discs pressed in Oakland, CA

Reinventing the Vinyl Record

Picture Discs playback just like a black record. What sets them apart is the adaptation to have full color artwork that extends across the entire disc.

What We Do & Why

16kHz is the Bay Areas only pressing plant. Born at the height of the vinyl resurgence in 2014, we set out to create a unique product that could be made quickly, affordably, and with the lowest environmental impact possible. In typical Bay Area form, we're leveraging technology to deliver our customers vinyl records that both look and sound amazing. Our proprietary manfucturing method is completely electric, and operates without the need of a steam boiler, cooling tower, or extruders. Making our carbon footprint far smaller than any pressing plant in the world. Our picture discs were designed to be priced comperable to other 7" products, while adding the largest amount of value to the artists and labels that we work with. An average 7" record retails between $5-10, while a picture disc will fetch $15-20. We also focus on the collectible side of the market. Todays Artists and Labels need to create unique products. Products that can catch the eye of a fan scrolling through their social media feeds. From top to bottom, the picture disc allows the artist to not only offer their fans a great listening experience, but an immersive visual experience as well.

We are also proud to say, all of our goods are made or sourced in the USA.


Our custom machinery uses only a fraction of the energy consumed by traditional equipment.


Upon approval of your audio and artwork. Expect your order to be ready to ship within 3-5 weeks.


Create multiple variants of your project, and add unique id numbering to each pressing.

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